People Don’t Take, Trips Take People

Disney park

Amidst the teak forest in Dandeli’s picturesque city, Disney Park is an entertainment and pleasure centre. This lovely centre not only appeals to youngsters but it is also frequented by adults. The gorgeous environment on the premises and in the surrounding area makes it a wonderful spot to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet while watching your children play happily together.

Crocodile Park

The Crocodile Park is a must-visit place for nature lovers who love to explore the wildlife while indulging in adventurous activities. This park is located in Dandeli and comes under Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Dandeli Crocodile Park, recognized by the Govt. of India, is a natural wild crocodile park where you can notice many crocodiles in the Kali River.

Bird Watching

Dandeli forest is famous for nesting birds. Bird watching is a great option for the enthusiastic birdwatchers and also one of the popular things to do in Dandeli. There are about 300 species of birds in and around Dandeli, they include migrated birds. Visitors can find both local and migrating birds. These include the kingfisher, honey bird, peacock, black-crested bulbul, blue-headed pitta etc.

Syntheri Rocks

Syntheric Rocks is one of the most scenic tourist attractions in Dandeli and offers a wonderful time for the visitors with its beautiful landscape. Located in the centre of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Syntheri Rocks boasts of spectacular natural beauty that is made up of volcanic rocks with the River Kaneri passing by its side.

Supa Dam

Located in Joida Taluk of Dandeli, the Supa Dam marks its reputation as a hotspot for the travelers of Dandeli. Since ages, the Supa Dam has been acknowledged as one of the leading hydroelectric power generation plants in the town.The other significance of the dam construction has been availing the dam water to the nearby farmers to meet their irrigation needs.